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You’re welcome anytime! Get in touch to find out more or come along and discover the joy of singing in 4-part harmony at our next  “Come Sing With Us” course (follow us on Facebook, Twitter or watch press for details).

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Men have been getting together to sing for hundreds of years, but around the end of the 19th century guys in America waiting to get their haircut would try to harmonise while one sang the melody of a popular tune – and so the ‘barbershop’ style was born. Today we tend to have music arranged or written for us, particularly when competing. But the old way lives on with some folks getting together to improvise harmonies at home – or the bottom of the garden, maybe that’s why this informal approach is called “woodshedding”!

Barbershop harmony combines four diverse voice parts. The lowest is Bass, then slightly higher are the Baritone’s. Leads sing the melody or tune and it’s all topped off with the highest part, the barbershop Tenor. The harmonics produced by singing chords in this way creates the “fifth voice” when overtones are formed as a welcome by-product.

We sing for fun, entertainment, personal development and competition.

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Chorus Manager: Ed Aldred-Dow